Your partner for security and private military

Your partner for security and private military

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SCIA Service

High Risk Protection (HRP)

SCIA Group has extensive experience in regions with high risk potential, and offers security services for persons who work in this area. These services are tailored to suit every contingency that might arise.

As part of the process of globalisation, more and more international industrial companies, public figures and social and medical aid organisations get involved in areas with increased hazard, risk and threat potential. These areas are situated in the Middle East, on the African continent and in South America in the first place. These regions are centres of the world-wide terrorism and marked by an instable political and social situation which aids and abets assaults, attacks, crime and corruption. Especially persons who find themselves in these areas because of their current work situation need special protective measures.

SCIA Group compiles an individual security concept for every single assignment in high risk areas. In order to do this we analyse the existing safety and security measures and the current on-site situation. Our services include the organisation and implementation of all necessary measures as well as the cooperation with the local partners. Essential element of our risk management is the elaboration of a preventive emergency and evacuation plan.

In order to ensure the safety and security of our clients in regions with high risk potential, we exclusively employ internationally experienced employees with special qualifications.

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